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Heidi Stenson, Queen Patience Extraordinare!
February 2021
There isn’t enough text space to gush as fully as I could about Heidi’s skills and professionalism as a realtor. She is on the cutting edge of the real estate purchasing experience with exceptional communication skills; decoding what you want into real properties that are for sale. I looked at upwards to 50 houses as I was EXTREMELY picky about what I wanted. I made several mistakes throughout the hunt, wrestled with first-time home buyer indecision, and needed incalculable help once I’d found the right house, as well, and Heidi was there with me every step of the way – for two years – advising me on what to do and fighting for me to get the absolute best deal. Her co-realtor, Steve was also just as amazing and professional when he showed me a few properties and I trusted him with just as much gravitas as Heidi. You cannot go wrong with Realty-Ink and Heidi. She will be loyal to you as the client and invest as much of herself into your buying experience as you are with money. My story should serve as the apex of her skill as I was able to purchase a home built in the ’90’s in Westland where construction on homes is dominated by the 1950’s-’70’s, directly next door to my mom. Heidi was able to deeply research and action on the smallest crumb of information I gave her concerning the previous homeowner which allowed me to purchase straight from the seller and avoid the market which has been absolutely tumultuous for a first time, Millennial, home buyer. I struggled with the market for two years, and even then, as anyone who has purchased a home knows, nothing can go perfectly smoothly. Heidi was there to snuff out every nuisance before I had a chance to fret about them, and the kinks in the fabric of my home purchase she was unable to iron out, she smoothed over by advocating and maneuvering behind-the-scene pieces much like a master lawyer. All I had to do, was look at homes and sign the paperwork which reflected my will, how much easier can home buying get?
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